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It's community networking on autopilot.

Hi-oh-my recommends which members of your online community should connect, and sets up quick calls if both members want to meet.

Slack community? Try the bot.

Community full of strangers? We solve that.

We send your community recommended intros over email. Then help schedule short calls to connect.

You Invite

Setup your community on hi-oh-my. Invite members with the link we give you. It takes 5 minutes.

Phone read_mail2Meet fellow students onlineHey everyone,Were trying out a service to help you meetother students in our community.Coursera RoboticsRonald MilehouseHeres the link to sign up:If you sign up, youll get a few introductionseach day. Theres no pressure - only replyif you want to connect. Please let us knowwhat you think!

We Match

Members build their profiles and our algorithm matches them over email.

Phone top2Coursera Robotics via hi-oh-myWe have 3 new intros for youwith the following students...

Members Connect

If two members want to connect, we’ll set them up for a quick call.

Phone final screen3You’re both in Coursera Robotics...and want to connect for a quick call.

Works beautifully on all platforms.

Whether your community is on Facebook, Meetup, LinkedIn, a custom website, or anywhere else, Hi-oh-my works great. We're email based and platform agnostic.

(slack communities might prefer our bot).

Free, easy to setup, and increases engagement.

Hi-oh-my is free for you and your community members. Forever and always.

Setup takes 5 minutes. Sign in with LinkedIn to create a hi-oh-my account, enter your community name, and share the link we give you with members. It's really easy to setup.

Increase community engagement with your eyes closed. We've seen community engagement increase by 100% after only a few days of the use. Hi-oh-my works entirely over email so there are no app downloads for your members, no tech for you to manage.

Slack community? Try the bot.